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Darco Acoustic Insulation Facing Fabrics - Indent Stock

This is our speciality fabric industrialized for acoustic Insulation. Every day we are exposed to thousands of sounds. If you need an acoustic comfort, this is the fabric for you.




- E Glass Acoustic  BLACK


- E Glass Acoustic  BLACK 

(Fire Retardant)


- E Glass Acoustic  WHITE (Fire Retardant)



This Acoustic Insulation Facing Fabric is woven with Fine Quality E-glass yarn; made with plain weave and coated with Black or White coloured emulsion for weave locking - Also comes in a Fire retardant version


Optional Extra treatments

for this fabric include; Fire Retardant (FR) coating, PE scattered coating for quick adhesion, with Laminated PE, Colour Fastness with various solutions to cater to customer needs.



Widely this fabric has two major applications:


  • In HVAC Industry, Black fabric used with Glass mineral wool and layer of Aluminized Fibre glass fabric as a liner in HVAC ducts, ventilation systems to provide thermal & acoustic insulation


  • In Construction Industry, Black fabric glued to glass wool using thermosetting resin is used in false ceiling applications in airports, hospitals, entertainment malls and commercial complexes.

Black Fabric and glass wool system reduces sound potential of 40 to 80 Decibels.

Red Silicone Fiberglass with molten metal running off it