We specialise in providing a one stop shop for heat containment materials for various high temperature industrial applications

What We Offer

  • We understand choosing the right materials and installation methods is essential for cost effective solutions for thermal insulation heat containment and passive fire protections applications.
  • We consider application environment and desired outcome to determine the most suitable material systems to cope with the particular physical and chemical conditions.
  • We provide guidance for technical solutions not just materials. 
  • We stock hundreds of different materials sourced from the world’s leading and trusted manufacturers. Some are exclusively represented or favoured partners who are renowned worldwide and also provide required material certifications were applicable.

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Product Range

E-Glass Scrim, Fabrics, Dip Coated, Laminated, Acrylic, PU, Silicone, Teflon, Silica, Pre-oxidised Carbon, Ceramic Fibre, EPDM, Natural Rubber
Insulation Needled Mats (Types E glass, Silica glass, Superfelt, Preox Carbon), Loose Chopped rovings
Fabrication Accessories - Knitted mesh, lacing anchors, capstans, springs, tie wire, Velcro, Sewing threads, etc.
Fibreglass and Ceramic Fibre Ropes, Tadpole Tape
Fibreglass and Ceramic Fibre Tape
Firesleeve & self fusing silicone tape
Leather Welding Blankets, gloves and aprons, E Glass and silica blankets, Kneeling Mats/Pillows, PVC welding screens, frames
Ceramic Fibre, Calcium Silicate, Dense and Insulating Bricks, Mortars and Coatings, Castables


Welding Solutions
Passive Fire Protection
Automotive Insulation
Refractories Insulation Applications
Architectural Fabrics
Bushfire Ember Screens and Covers

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