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About Us

Darco Industries is an import/wholesale business established in July 2010 by James Dar BSc who has technical sales experience since 1980. Since 1998 his time has specifically been with high temperature textiles and advanced industrial insulation materials.

Our success is primarily based on fostering competent trust with customers and suppliers. We have long established relationships with the world’s leading glass textile suppliers and core clients spread around Australia and overseas.

Darco Industries strive to improve our product range and services by supplying our customers with cost effective, engineered material system solutions.

We understand the properties of our materials and suitability for the various applications where physical and chemical factors like temperature, abrasion, vibration, tensile strength, thermal conductivity, UV, fire ratings, sound absorption, chemical resistance, liquid and vapour permeability etc.

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Darco Advantage

Darco Industries is Australia’s leading importer and wholesaler of the widest range of specialist thermal insulation and fire protection glass textiles and accessories. Based in Perth, Western Australia, with warehouse stock in Brisbane, our customer focused staff have a proven record of being very responsive to customer needs and special testing demands.

Our client base is worldwide and consists of the automotive OEM’s, heavy-duty engine OEM’s, industrial suppliers and hydraulic companies.

Darco is a leading provider of quality and thermal insulation solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world. From industrial to commercial, aeronautical to marine, Darco Industries are dedicated to adding value to fabricators products and processes, supporting their success in the global marketplace.

Darco has the expertise, resources and global reach to support its clients through its extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

Darco Quality

Our core product stock lines have been chosen as best value in their class by ongoing refinement of a continually improved product and value for money chosen from our wide range of manufacturer / suppliers worldwide. We carefully listen to client needs and evaluate all our suppliers for consistent high quality, reliable supply and competitive prices.

Our quality control includes inspecting and testing samples from each imported batch. We check qualities like fabric appearance, feel, burning characteristics under a blue flame butane torch, abrasion resistance, weave stability, fray resistance, coating uniformity and permeability, laminated foil adhesion, etc.

Darco Industries is confident of the quality materials supplied to our clients Australia wide.