Safety Welding Protection


Darco Industries core stock lines for safety welding protection including fiberglass and silica fabrics in roll form and ready-made or custom made safety welding blankets and screens. Translucent plastic screens are also available, plus a range of leather welding blankets and associated protective clothing.

Welding Blankets

Leather Welding Gloves

Leather Rigger Gloves

Fire Blanket

Welding Screen and Frames

Welding Pillow/Hassock

Red Silicone Fiberglass with molten metal running off it

E glass fabric woven from high quality texturized yarns, and then passed through a high temperature oven in order to burn off the sizing and other organic elements in the cloth. After this heat treatment, fiberglass cloth will change to a brown colour and it will be smoke-free during the application.