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Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

Darco Industries provides a “one stop shop” for all materials used to fabricate high temperature removable insulation covers. Materials such as E glass, silica glass, pre-oxidized carbon and ceramic fibre textile fabrics;  infill insulation E glass (continuous to 600°C) and Silica Glass needled mats (continuous to 1000°C); 304 and 316 s/s knitted mesh, tie wire, lacing anchors, sewing threads… and more.


Some of the coated glass fabrics are also used for items like fabric expansion joints or flexible connectors, radiant heat shields, firesleeves for hoses and pipe, webbing tapes mainly for wrapping hot exhaust pipes, lagging ropes, plus ropes and tapes as gaskets for thermal seals…


Please contact Darco Industries for extensive information including product catalogues, product lists, selection charts, fabrication and installation guidelines, material samples, specification data sheets and MSDS’s (material safety data sheets).


We also supply certified materials to comply with required standards such as Australian Standards, Various Fire Safety Standards, IMO, Mil Spec…  

We can best help you by working with you to solve your thermal and acoustic insulation application problems most cost effectively. Given the essential application conditions such as physical environment of temperature, weather UV, tension, abrasion, vibration… and chemical environment of weather rain, chemical and fuel splash resistance … we can suggest appropriate combinations of materials to achieve the optimum cost effective system to suit your applications.

Red Silicone Coated Fiberglass firesleeve with blue flame heat applied

Insulation Jacket

Silica Fire blanket demonstaration

Used to seal the ends of Firesleeves