Bushfire Ember Screens and Protection Covers

If you live near bushland and have a roof mounted evaporative air conditioning unit, your home may be at risk from bushfire ember attack. Burning embers from bushfires can travel relatively long distances from the actual fire through the air. If the embers land on or near your home and there is fuel available to burn, they can start a fire. Embers can get into your house through gaps (greater than 2 mm) in the roof, walls, windows, doors and evaporative air conditioning units. Evaporative air conditioner filter pads made from cellulose material are a potential source of fuel for travelling embers. If air conditioners draw in embers and the filter pads ignite, the unit may collapse into the roof and the fire may spread throughout the house. To prevent embers entering your evaporative air conditioning unit and to protect your home from the effect of bushfires, D.F.E.S recommends that you install ember protection screens or covers.

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Bushfire Ember Screens

SSWM304/10/1550/50M (Datasheet)


304 s/s woven mesh, aperture 1.64 mm, No 10 mesh, wire 0.9 mm, 1550 mm wide x 50 m roll. To AS3959-2009 standard BAL 12.5 – FZ.

Wholesale only to businesses with sheet metal cutting capabilities.


Bushfire mesh can be used for protection against ember attack and radiant heat. It can be used to protect windows (including skylights), doors, decks and patios, evaporative cooling units, gable and roof vents, gutters, eaves and down pipes.

Radiant Heat & Ember Protection The Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 ‘construction of building in bushfire-prone areas’ specifies screening of openings to be made with corrosion-resistant steel mesh, with a maximum aperture of 2mm.

Protection Covers

Made to order using a specially coated fire rated fabric, Darco DEF780P2/WR/1200


Smoke and fire curtain barrier placed over your air conditioner.